Who am I?

My name is Markus Starek and I have been working in the internet business since 2008. Until 2013 it was my full time job — in 2019 I founded my one-man company as a side job.

Passion for the internet

In the present fast changing time I love to help people whose main business activities are not connected to the internet. 

Profound knowhow in dynamic times

Although creating websites has become much easier nowadays, many working and self-employed people lack the time to deal with digital media on their own. 

Another string to my bow

As a full time job I work for toy shop and as a preschool teacher.

Hobbies and leisure time

In case there is still time left I also live my private passions:

  • Playing music: vocals, electric bass and blues harp
  • Blogging about music

Please contact me if you need a new website or texts for your website.

Markus Starek singing soul
Markus Starek in Miami
Brain and Soul
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