Brain and Soul

You have got your own small company or one-man business? If you need a small and affordable website, Brain and Soul is your perfect partner.

Small websites

Based on wordpress and elegant templates I will make you a small website that will both serve as your digital business card leaving a perfect impression at your customers and cause only low expenses.

Computer und mobile Geräte


Based on the popular CMS WordPress I create small websites that are both pretty, infor­mative and affordable. — optimized for all common digital devices: computers, tablets and mobile phones. More…

Computer im Büro


You need webtext for your website or you need a new website including favorable texts? I create new webtexts for you optimized on the base of keywords and add them to your website. More…

Markus Starek

About me

I have been working in the internet business since 2008. At that time I started working for the two leading web agencies in Salzburg as a SEO (search engine optimiz­ation) and writing webtexts. More…